Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Central Coast Field Target
Match Results 05/19/2013

1Alan HullQB58UTG 3-12x44JSB 7.87gr24/4850%
2Sean BuenrostroQB58UTG 3-12x44JSB 7.87gr20/4842%
3Gary DunningTF87UTG 3-9x40CPH 10.5gr18/4838%
4William BaldwinTX200UTG 3-12x44Barracuda Match 10.65gr15/4831%
5Bob SloanHW50STasco 2.5-10Superdome9/4819%

Match Director: Alan Hull

Weather - Clear and sunny, moderate 70-80 fh; wind started at a moderate 3-6mph just after 9am, and continually picked up to a good "right to left" 6mph - 15mph blow with gusting!

I had a casual set up the night before and what i thought would be a great day for FT in the extremely calm early morning out at the Central Coast Firearms range.

We had a good first local match for some new FT shooters. After an extremely calm sight in from 8am-9am and a brief meeting we got the match under way. Sean made a return appearance from his first match here last month and decided to try out Piston Class with a big surprise on the difficulty level compared to the clean shooting marauder from his first match. "BB Gun" Bob Sloan and Gary Dunning, local San Luis Smallbore Association club members and silhouette shooters had their very first match today. Gary Dunning and the powerful 19 fpe piston rig fared well at the long shots. Gary is the first and only so far to fully clear the treacherous "Bridge" Lane expanse #9. William Came back out after his first, and very successful match last month. He's been trying new pellets in his TX200 and decided on something heavy for this windy day. I found this a great opportunity to practice holding for wind and welcomed it with holding an ever increasing number of dots over as we got down towards the un protected last lanes. Sean was hard pressed to "wait out" the wind with some success in between gusts. An overall challenging course for the Hunter/Piston class.

A real big thanks to everyone who helped make take down of the course a snap!

Bob surveys the course:

William gets ready to shoot:

Gary is up:

Alan shooting:

"Will this get me through?"-Bob