Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Central Coast Field Target
Match Results 04/21/2013

Place NameRifleScopePelletScoreRate
1Wayne BurnsUSFT #6BSA 10-50x60H&N 10.6gr38/4879%
2Jorge SanchezUSFTLeupold.2237/4877%
3Kelly HaweDaystate CR97BSA 10-50x60CPH 10.5gr36/4875%
4 - tieAngel SantiagoUSFTFalcon13.4gr22/4846%
4 - tieRon JobbesTM1000BushnellJSB 10.4gr22/4846%
6Dow CrossA202S6.5x2010gr16/4833%

1 - tieLarry DurhamUSFT HunterAeon 4-16CR 10.5gr30/4863%
1 - tieRonnie EastonAAS400Hawke 12x13.4gr .2230/4863%
3Jose NunezUSFTHawkeAA Falcon29/4860%
4 - tieArt BurciagaUSFT HunterAccushot 4-12JSB27/4856%
4 - tieSean BuenrostroMarauderUTG 3-12x44CP 10.5gr27/4856%
6Alan HullDiscoveryUTG 3-9x32JSB 13.43gr24/4850%
7Scott SteenhoekMarauderAeon 4-12x50AA Falcon 13.43gr23/4848%

1William BaldwinTX200UTG 3-12x44CPL 7.9gr16/4833%
2Matt SaenzFWB 124Clearidge 3-9x33CPL 7.9gr14/4829%

We had two brave springer shooters. This was NOT a springer friendly course.

Match director: Scott Hull

The first ever (as far as I know) field target match on the Central Coast of California was held Sunday April 21, 2013. We had near perfect weather with temps in the 70's for setting up on Saturday and match on Sunday. The night was a little chilly for us campers though. The pollen count is high this time of year. And the wind was there for the match but everyone has more fun when there is a little bit of wind.

We had a fairly calm morning for sighting in. A brief shooters meeting. And then a couple hundred yard walk up the road to the FT lanes. The wind started to kick up a little more as the competitors got in position for their first shots. Things were underway. As I took my first walk up the road I was hearing a lot of face plate hits. And I was getting some cool looks and glares from some shooters. No many smiles. I then thought "maybe we set the course too hard. darn." The wind let up some and as I walked past Ronnie on lane 11, I heard the distinctive sound of a target falling. And then some more falling targets. It went that way for much of the day. Wind, then no wind, wind, no wind. Soon, everyone was hitting targets. I did not shoot the match. Just from observation - it was tough but I think I set the course about right if the wind had been less of a factor. Well - there were a couple of shots that were just plain hard - wind or not. Lanes 9 through 12 were fairly open with little wind protection. That made the long shots tough. The three new shooters hit 33%, 33%, and 56%. And one of them was shooting a spring gun. I think a 33% hit rate provides new shooters with a positive experience. The top three experienced shooters were in the 75-79% range. One goal was to keep most people in the 25-75% range and we did that. I will be making adjustments in the future. I have helped setup some courses at the CASA range but this was my fist pass at designing and setting a course from scratch. There were a few glitches but I'm very pleased with our initial match.

I was proud of two of the new shooters that I had helped a bit. Sean used my Marauder. He picked up the use of my detailed data book/dope sheet quickly. After only one previous practice day with the rifle, he shot a 56% at this match. William, shooting a springer, hit 33%. He has been working hard and practicing at every opportunity. I was proud of Wayne Burns as well when I heard the he had taken the lane 2 "tube" shot prone. Or maybe that was just a rumor. It was not even a forced prone lane.

Here is the narrative and pictorial of the match:

Saturday afternoon - Setup day:

Bob Sloan, LD and Matt Saenz show up early to help out:

LD: "That KZ looks too small."
Scott: "It will be fine."

Scott: "This one looks close enough."

LD: "Move that one in a little closer."
Scott: "How's that?"
Bob: "The string still won't reach

Saturday evening on the silhouette range, time for a little sight-in work:

I take a picture break to BBQ/cook/serve.
More competitors roll in just in time for some dinner in the clubhouse:

Early morning at the range:

The camp site:

My mom and my Marsha (wife) get breakfast ready:

Time to eat:

View of the neighboring Cowboy Action range:

Gear is unpacked:

Morning sight-in:

Shooters meeting:

Lane 1. Angel shooting.
Scott S. observing:

Lane 2. close shot:

Lane marker for support:

Lane 2. William shooting. His first FT match.
No mat to lay on. He bellyflops anyway and takes the difficult shot:
This guy is motivated:

Lane 5. Ron shooting. Ron has a new toy?
Dow and Kelly observing:

Lane 7. LD shooting:
Wayne uses his high tech windicator:

Lane 8. Angel shooting.
Scott S. observing:

Lane 9 - "The bridge":

Lane 9. Each shooting - Sean, Alan, Art, LD:

Lanes 10, 11, and 12:

Lane 10. New FT shooter Sean checking his dope and then shooting.
Alan observing:

Lane 10. Alan shooting
Sean observing:

Lane 10. William shooting.
Matt observing:

Lane 10. Matt shooting.
William observing:

Lane 11. Jorge sets up:

Lane 11. Ronnie shooting. No straps, no bipod, shooting Hunter.
Jorge observing:

Lane 12. Scott S. shooting. Long straight shot, quartering wind, no wind breaks:

Lane 12. Wayne shooting.
LD observing:

The lunch crew waiting for the competitors to get back from shooting:

Some early finishers:

The awards:

Match director, Scott Hull on left.
Overall high score shooter, Wayne Burns on right:

I want to thank all those who traveled to support the new venue. We also had 3 new local FT shooters at the match and many others who came to check out our airgun shooting sport/venue.

My family was a big help on Saturday. My mom, wife, sister, brother and his wife preparing the pre-match breakfast and post match lunch.

We had fun. The course was new and had never been tested. The new course needs some tweaking but it seems like most shooters enjoyed the layout. We now have a baseline to work with and I hope that with some minor changes and a few additional lanes, we'll have a great course.

We plan on trying to hold monthly matches on each 3rd Sunday on our new course. Our next match on the 3rd Sunday of May will be a smaller event with Alan running things. On dates that don't conflict with other bigger regional matches, we may hold matches with the same amenities as our first match. We might be able to do that 2 to 4 times a year.