Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA
Match Report 04/15/2017 & 04/16/2017

Match director: Scott Hull
Assistant match directors: Alan Harold
Course marshals: Scott Hull, Alan Harold, Bob Sloan
Match assistants: Jeff Carmello, Terry Eannetta, John Knapp
Cooks: Scott, Sidewalk Market & Deli, Ray (my brother), Jeannette (my mom)

AAFTA Rifle Division-Class winners
AAFTA Pistol Division-Class winners

2017 Morro Bay AAFTA GP match - It was a good weekend. Good weather, good course, good food, good competition, good friends. The weather was looking questionable earlier in the week and the winds were fierce early Saturday morning. But things calmed down just before we had to pull the target strings. And it remained fairly calm for the entire weekend.

For the rifle match, we used our newly configured targets, all 15mm, 25mm, and 40mm kill zones. No 3/8" or 1/2" targets. We had only 50 shots each day. To get the difficulty back up, we had a higher percentage of far targets than we usually have on our course, and we pushed out the the mid range targets. We had 25 competitors, including eight in WFTF. There were no cold lines during either day of the rifle match. There was some great shooting the first day with William Corder almost cleaning the course hitting 49/50. Vipha and Doug Milller also doing well with each getting 47/50. Overall top scores were by William and Doug at 92/100, with Vipha close behind at 90/100. Son Lu shot a great piston match both days, on courses that were NOT piston friendly. Son Lu got 83/100, beating out many of the pre-charge shooters.

The Pistol course used mostly 15mm, 25mm, and 40mm targets, but had a couple of 2" offhand targets. We had fourteen competitors in the pistol match, four Limited and ten more in Hunter. The course was straightforward but had an added difficulty. The grass was growing fast along the narrow lanes. Shooters needed to take extra care to insure that winds had not bent the long grass into the pellet path. We had one cold line when a bolt fell out, and a faceplate started to tip sideways. Rizalde Marques won the Limited class with a 38/40, and Doug Miller won the Hunter class, also with a 38/40.

I have my own perspective of the match, but rather than too many details, please check out the pictures. Most everyone seemed to enjoy the weekend.

Course charts:

The pictorial link will give you a "feel" for the weekend:
Match Pictorial

- Scott Hull